Solar Power

We now run our home and my certified kitchen here in rural Maine using solar power. It is rather nice not having a bill for the power company considering I do use a fair amount of electric appliances in my home. Being independent from the electric company also means we don’t lose power in bad storms or times when others around us lose it. Maine is known for it’s battering storms and cold winters so having reliable power is a blessing! 

We do have to pay attention to how much sunshine we have and use some of the high power electronic devices accordingly. I also own gas stoves as electric take up too much power.

Along with the panels we have a room full of batteries to store our power. We also look at other ways to store power by using appliances; such as we have five freezers. Only one is large and the are rather small but in the winter most of them are outside so they use very little power and in the summer we have more than enough sunshine to power them all.

We put our solar panels in at two different times. For several years in the beginning we were attached to our local power company and only paid a small bill each month. You can start small and work towards total independence.

It is very freeing to live on solar power and we are happy with it.